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Finally an ADHD Planner That’s Not Overwhelming

Let your daily schedule become our problem, not your problem.

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ADHD Planner

A Friendly Planner That Doesn't Give You Anxiety

When I created the ADHD Planner, I had one goal in mind. I didn't want my tool overwhelm me.

Planning your day is a task that's supposed to be isolated from externally added cognitive load.

The tool that's supposed to help me should not overwhelm me

So I made it as straightforward and streamlined as could be, while ensuring it's powerful enough to help me take full control of my life.

A chart of helpful the ADHD planner is compared to other popular tools
Feeling overwhelmed

Why Do I Need A Specialized Planner?

You already know why. When you search for 'daily planner' you're bombarded with hundreds of different tools that just drain the last drip of your dopamine. From trello, to monday, to asana, you name it.

You need something that's tailor made for your neurodivergent mind type. Something that's made by an ADHD mind (me me me), that understands what an ADHD mind needs.

I made this tool as intuitive as possible. Not overwhelming, not understimulating.. just enough.

Key Features of The ADHD Planner

Okay, you have my attention. But what features does this tool offer? Glad you asked, this is where the ADHD Planner really shines.

Digital Planner

Dynamic Digital Planner

No need to spend energy on finding papers or buying new ink for your printer, our planner is fully digital.

Minimalistic Design

Minimalistic Design

There are too many tools that do too many things. The goal with our planner is to be the most easy-to-use planner out there.

Smartphone for your pocket

In Your Pocket at All Times

Since our Planner is built on Notion, you can access it from anywhere. From your home, or from your mobile, wherever you are.

Guilt free

Guilt Free Planning

Missed a task? a day? a week? No problem. Our planner is designed to let you pick up from where you left off, without making a big deal out of it.

Positive reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement

I tried so many planners without success that I thought there was something wrong with me. I thought my brain was broken. Only to realize those generic planners weren't made for me.

The ADHD neurotype

Designed Specifically for Your Neurotype

If your mind is all over the place like mine, no problems. The ADHD Planner was specifically built for you and me.


Success Stories from Satisfied Users

Find Out Why Our Users Love ADHD Planner So Much


If I could describe the ADHD Planner in one word, it would be 'wow'. Seriously, just wow.

I bought like a dozen adhd planners on etsy only to find I can't stick to any of them in the long run.

So glad I don't have to print out my planners each week now, finally found something that works for me.

If you've tried everything else, give the ADHD planner a shot guys, you won't regret it.

The new updates are amazing too.

Vicky, User of the ADHD Planner
Steven, User of the ADHD Planner


Can't thank Victoria enough for creating the ADHD Planner. This tool has completely changed my life and I'm not even exaggerating.

I have probably tried every other tool out there. In fact, I've tried so many tools I lost track in which tool I was even tracking my tasks. Now I have deleted all my other accounts and I'm solely using the ADHD Planner.

Even my wife and children notice the difference, they say I feel much more present lately. So yeah, I'd pay any price for this tool.


I'm not sure where to start. I'm literally crying as I'm typing this.

The planner by ADHD Planner has completely transformed my life. I'm less hyperactive, I'm less hyperfocused.. I just feel so balanced right now.

I track everything from my medication schedule, my daily tasks, personal and work tasks.. literally everything. And it's so easy.

For the first time I don't feel overwhelmed by using a weekly planner. Can't recommend this enough.

Gina, User of the ADHD Planner

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about our ADHD Planner

What makes the ADHD Planner different from other planners?

Unlike generic tools that can easily overwhelm with their hundreds of options, the ADHD Planner is specifically designed for individuals with ADHD, taking into account the challenges we face when it comes to organization and time management.

I just purchased the ADHD planner, how do I install it?

The process is very straightforward and takes less than a minute, follow the installation guide here.

I have Autism, can I still use the ADHD planner?

Yes, the ADHD Planner will work regardless if you have ADHD or Autism.

Can the ADHD Planner help me with goal setting and habit tracking?

Yes, it includes dedicated sections for goal setting, habit tracking, and personal reflection. These features allow you to set realistic goals, monitor your progress, and reflect on your achievements, helping you stay motivated and organized.

How much does the ADHD Planner cost?

Less than a super mega jumbo latte from Starbucks - just a one-time fee of $9. This gives you lifetime access and free updates.

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